Rutland-Melton International Cicle Classic

The demise of longstanding British classics such as the Archer GP and the Tour of the Peak broadly coincided with the rise of a new British Classic, the Cicle Classic, which now sits alongside (if not ahead of) the elder statesmen of Lincoln and Ryedale as the most prestigious road races on the UK calendar.

Its 117 mile course around the lanes and farm roads of rural Rutland and Leicestershire invites inevitable comparisons with certain French races, as does the enthusiasm of anyone with a camera to attend. None more so than me, who this year had the good fortune to be working on an (as-yet-unpublished) feature based around the Dutch WPGA team and their role in the race…

Cyclists compete in the Rutland-Melton Cicle Classic at Melton Mowbray, Great Britain, on 24 April 2016. The race was won by Conor Dunne (JLT Condor). (Andrew Peat)

Shooting from a moto is something that doesn’t happen much in the UK, for perfectly valid reasons, but at the right event it makes life a hundred times less stressful than working out of the car (although on a point-to-point stage race it would be a logistical nightmare, of course, and with multiple lap races there’s really no point). Thanks to Nigel my pilot this race ran very smoothly as we hit all our shooting locations with at least 30 seconds to spare. And it didn’t rain.

I put this gallery together because I think I got some decent shots in during the day and it would be a shame to leave the otherwise-unused ones sitting about on my hard-drive floor.