Sixth Counter – Side Project #1

A combination of personal project, alter ego and winter distraction, my “Sixth Counter” series on Exposure was born out of being an injured runner. Cycling has a whole photography subculture around it, but athletics, cross country running and other related sports (things like “trail running” which I don’t really know much about) don’t come close.

Imagery tends to be limited to the race winner, plus Facebook/flickr type galleries, which are usually the same shot taken multiple times with different people in. (I should say, that’s okay if its what you want to do… but it’s not what I want to do, innit.)



There may be good reasons for this of course but a quick look around the internet shows there are very few people doing more imaginative photography in the sport. The guys at Tracksmith (and its related, if not sister, magazine Meter) are putting some really top-notch stuff out but other than that I’m really struggling to find anything I enjoy…

So I figured the only thing for it was to do it myself…

The fact that I understand the sport is what inspired it, of course, although a hindrance is that as of December 2015 I’m back training and will be running in many of the events I’d like to photograph. Running has to carry on: I turn 35 this year and therefore have the carrot of V35 competition coupled with the stick of ever-increasing age. The mathematicians, philosophers and historians will know that my age has always been increasing, but it doesn’t feel that long ago that I had an Under 23 British Cycling licence.

So here is the Sixth Counter: the sort of guy who will shoot a spectator in the back of the head rather than stand on the finish line with the camera in portrait orientation.

Head over to Exposure and check out the full stories and follow the man on Twitter. He’s real, I tell you, and can even explain why he’s got that name.