Track and Field

A sport that isn’t as popular in the UK as it was in the 1980s and early 1990s (which I’m just about old enough to remember) and not an easy one to shoot.

Most events that I shoot are ones that I’d prefer to be running in, but a series of injuries over the last two years has restricted my training and racing to the point where photography is a good way of being at the meetings, making myself useful.

 (Andrew Peat)

There’s a strong legal argument that I’ve won two British Athletics League titles, but having run one round in each successful season it feels a bit hollow. My club, Birchfield Harriers, has been in the top tier of domestic competition since it (the competition) was invented in 1969 and has won the separate men’s and women’s league titles on several occasions.

But the men and women of the club have never won their respective leagues in the same year. Going into the final round of 2016 the men would have to seriously screw up to not retain the title. The women’s league was closer and it was a head-to-head for Birchfield against joint leaders Thames Valley Harriers.

My achilles being what it is, I wasn’t able to compete, so it was the perfect excuse to break out the film camera and some rolls of Kodak (Portra 400, for the nerds) to tell the story of what would hopefully turn out to be a glorious double victory…


 (Andrew Peat)