Twenty Sixteen

There’s a thing on Instagram where people choose their top three images from the year… I wanted to write some words to go with each one (and cba with sending jpegs to my phone then uploading them) so I’ll do it here instead.

In no particular order:

Southern Counties Cross Country Championships

I was there shooting it for Like The Wind magazine. The sun was low at about 4pm by the time the race had finished and my finish line shot used other photographers to block the sun from the lens.

There’s no real culture of shooting what happens before and after an event in athletics and photographers tend to produce stock images of the race itself… which is fine but misses out on so much.

There’s nothing like someone looking tired and covered in mud.
















The day the Energiewacht Tour blew apart

The Energiewacht Tour is a UCI2.2 women’s race near Groningen and I was with the United Healthcare Pro-Cycling team for the week. On the second day it was wet and windy, so the Dutch turned the race into five or six echelons and half the field finished outside the time limit. This was on the first lap while things were still together.

I always look for shooting locations that give at least two shots and this was the reserve shot from here – the trees and lines on the road are sort of nice. It’s not even the best photo I even took that day but it reminds me of getting out of the car with my cameras in the driving rain, miles from anywhere, and thinking how much better this was than working in an office.
















Sticky bottle at the Cicle Classic

You know that thing where you’re taking a bottle from the team car and take a bit of a tow at the same time. Well sometimes you do that, but it turns out the bottle got stuck to the DS’s hand by mistake so you have to sit behind the car’s bumper for a while then take a bottle from another rider instead. Like this.




In 2017 I might stop taking silly photos like these:
































Or maybe not.