2016 – the year, the calendar, the plan

So what are my plans for this coming year? Which, alarmingly, is numbered 2016 (I quite clearly remember when Disco 2000 was a song about the distant future and to my mind it’s still about 1997.)

Women’s cycling is something I really want to focus on – that’s just an expression I use a lot not a deliberate pun – because as I learned at the London Six Day it gets completely marginalised for no obvious reason, and with some notable exceptions the level of photography can be behind the men as well.

So my trips into mainland Europe are more or less set (although there’s room for more if specific things come up… as they tend to at the last minute) and a few other plans are taking shape.

 (Andrew Peat)

Website changes

In the past I’ve just had a site with my own name on, but figured that now it has a specific goal the site should be updated to reflect that. It’s pictures of bike racing, and not just of men. So the name was pretty easy (and anyway I hate the AP Sport-nonsense name, it’s just so bland).

www.womenscyclingphotos.com is directed to here as the “gateway” to the ImageDesk and a place to write about what I’m doing. It would benefit from its own distinct url, page and identity but that will have to wait. Until then I can use the only slightly nauseating “presented by” or “powered by” tagline to connect my old and new personae… And I’ll also put things that normal people might want to see on Facebook as that’s just easier for everyone.

Oh and we have a logo, at last, and consistent colours.

So – professional users can go here and signup for access to what I think is the first women’s-cycling-specific picture agency. Everyone else should just ‘like’ the page on FB [still undergoing winter training] and anything interesting/new should pop up in your news feed.